My Mother’s Christmas Present Might Kill Me…

The gift that I will be giving my mother for Christmas this year might just do me in… But it will be worth it to see the reaction on her face.  

I’m giving her an invitation to my College Graduation.  

She has no idea that I am even going back to school-and it is SUPER DUPER hard to keep that a secret, since I share almost everything with my Mom.  

My parents paid for me to go to college right after high school-But I was one of those kids who had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life (still don’t).  So, of course- I thought that making $10/hour in a business office was much more rewarding than going to College to finish my Degree at that time.  I also have 2 siblings who have attempted college, but have not attained a degree.  I am almost positive these words will be uttered when she opens her gift: “Out of all my kids… I never would have thought that YOU were the one who would get a college degree”…. And I’m okay with that.  I never thought I would get one either.  I have been very lucky in my sales career over the past several years, earning a higher income than most of my colleagues that have degrees.  I never thought I needed one… Until I got turned down for my dream job-due to lack of degree.  

I have started the process of going back to school several times over the last 10 years, but it was always the same… I would complete a semester-then lose interest.  Start again, only to burn out.  This time is different.  I am within 20 hours of graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership, and I can’t be more thrilled about that.  I sit behind my computer and look at my degree plan several times a week and get chills just imagining what it will feel like to FINALLY be finished-and to tell my Mom.  

The reason this might kill me- I work full time, I’m a Mom AND I have a side business.  This fall is going to be very hard-I will be taking 18 hours-in order to graduate in Spring of 2017. 

My Mother’s famous words: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got…. I remind myself that every single night that I am up at midnight studying or doing homework instead of sleeping or watching movies with my kiddo or Husband.  The hard work will definitely pay off in 4 months and I can’t wait!

That’s all!

Sarah B



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