Thank You, Russell Westbrook

I’m not a sports buff- I couldn’t tell you a single stat about a team or a player. I never even liked Professional basketball until I moved to OKC. My husband took me to my first Thunder game when we were dating and I was hooked. I wasn’t hooked on the sport or the stardom of the NBA players- I was hooked on the colossal event that that I experienced on a random Tuesday night. 
In my opinion, Russell Westbrook is one of the main reasons that random nights at the Peak’ are extraordinary. The energy he brings to the court is nothing short of spectacular. 

My favorite player has always been Russ. Other than being uber talented, he is scrappy, emotional, raw and full of passion for his sport and his team. He’s serious when he needs to be, but shows a goofy, playful side that his fans adore. Plus his dance moves are pretty bad a**.
Oklahoma was upset when KD announced he was leaving- I felt the same at first, but then realized- we’re not losing our best player. We still have Russ. We would still have the most passionate, aggressive player on OUR team, if he chooses to stay.
Today he made a $85 million choice that is sparking pure joy and excitement from Okies who have been suffering from KD depression for over a month now. 
Thank you for choosing OKC, Russ. Thanks for keeping your talent and passion (and fashion) in Oklahoma. Hopefully this will be your best year yet. You deserve to be the star of the show and I can’t wait to see you lead our team! 


Sarah B


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