Feng Shui and My Favorite Spaces

I’ve recently been studying feng shui and applying what I learn to my home. I am sort of a messy person- my house is not filthy, but it doesn’t have organization or order most of the time, and it stresses me out. My husband, on the other hand-is OCD and a neat freak. It’s been a struggle for us to adapt to living with someone who is polar opposite in regards to house keeping.

Last week I made a change- he mentioned the corner of our room-where I had a pile of things stacked up for some time..(when I think about it, it was probably there for over a year…) I felt a little embarrassed and took care of it almost immediately. I didn’t stop at that corner- I moved from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the closets and so on.. My husband came home and was SO HAPPY! Which in turn, made me happy. I am falling in love with re-creating spaces in my house and applying feng shui techniques each day.

Today I am going to share my bedroom, it is definitely a work in progress-We are searching for new bedroom furniture, but have yet to fall in love with a perfect set- so I will continue looking until I find it. Until then, I will work with what I have.

In feng shui-the far back, right corner of your home is considered the love and relationship corner of your home on the baqua map. Our bedroom happens to be in that corner. Based on the principles of feng shui, when improvements are made to the relationships and love corner of your area, you can find love that you may have never previously known or can rekindle or increase love that you have. My husband and I have an excellent relationship and seeing him happy about the order and flow of our “love corner” creates a much more joyous relationship.

Try it! Even if you don’t believe in feng shui, it’s always nice to move things around, de-clutter and redecorate!

That’s all for now!

Sarah B


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