Something magical happened to me today…

Have you ever had something happen where there is no other explanation for it- it was just magic?

I had one of those experiences today- if you know me, my life is very serendipitous- I have little magic moments quite frequently. But today-even though the end result was something insignificant- how if happened was nothing short of magic.

I’ve been doing a lot of mind work lately, all having to do with the law of attraction and (I live my life by these principals) so for this to happen today-it was perfect timing.

Here’s what happened…

I had a lady call me this morning that was a customer at the last show Sixfourteen participated in- Mistletoe Market- she bought a bracelet that I didn’t have, but I wrote her name down and told her I would get one for her and ship it- but totally forgot about it- So I went to my wholesale supply store where I usually purchase these bracelets with my friend Carrie. I call this store the “crack store” because it’s like going to a drug store- the hardcore drug store- there is so much to choose from and it’s easy to get addicted… I never leave there with less than $500 in merchandise- at wholesale prices mind you… that’s A LOT of crack!!

We searched for this particular bracelet for 10 minutes (like a needle in a hay stack in that place, there are literally over 1 million items in this store- makes type-A people have serious anxiety just by walking in the door…) We couldn’t find the bracelet, so I grabbed something similar hoping my customer would be ok with it, but wasn’t happy I couldn’t deliver on my promise… We were about to leave and Carrie is rummaging through some bins on the floor- I close my eyes and say to myself- “when I open my eyes, I’m going to find that bracelet…..”

I opened my eyes- and the first thing I saw was THAT EXACT BRACELET!!! It was literally a foot away from me, in the random bin on the floor that Carrie just went through 10 seconds before I closed my eyes.

I had chills that wouldn’t go away for 5 minutes, and have them again as I’m typing this. I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Magic bracelet

I’ve been really digging deep into mind work, law of attraction and self development lately and one of my morning routines is mantras that I say to myself or out loud- each morning I say this one particular mantra.. “something magical is going to happen to me today….” And each day-something magical HAS happened!

They may be very insignificant life events, but they are pure magic in my eyes. I am 100% convinced in the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking. This event has stirred my mind up even more and has challenged me to find the magic events that happen every day and share them.. Hopefully I’m able to inspire someone else to create a little magic in their life..


Sarah B


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