Week one of keto..

So daily updates are out, so a weekly blog post seems more reasonable! 🙂

I’m doing really great on sticking to the keto diet! I only had one day of weakness where my body was craving carbs- but I just had a few, just for one meal.

I have been cooking all of my meals, only eating at home-and feeling much better! (Saving $ too!)

I bought some ketosis strips from CVS- They are showing small amounts of ketones in my system, so I need to play with my diet to see what I can do to get in full blown ketosis.

There were a few days last week where I had very little energy, but I powered through and got over the “carb flu”.

My favorite recipe that has saved me is keto pancakes- very simple recipe, but makes you feel like you’re eating a pancake! I added some cool whip and a tiny bit of sugar free syrup- so it cured my sweet tooth.

Cauliflower is replacing all the rice I consume, and I’m adding lots of healthy fats, especially BUTTER!

I am much less achy!! I’m not swollen, I feel leaner and my brain fog has lessened-and I’M DOWN 4 lbs!!!

So far so good, I have no plans of quitting this plan anytime soon!


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