Word of the year

I’ve never heard of using a “word of the year” as a guide until recently, but when I did hear about it- I immediately knew what my 2018 word was going to be. A word to guide me and motivate me towards my goals. I’ve been in a very transformative period of my life for the past year – I’ve grown personally and professionally but it’s only left me craving more transformation. I’m obsessed with being the best possible Sarah I can be, in all areas of my life: the best wife, mother, employee, business owner, daughter and servant.

So it’s only fitting that my word of 2018 is GROWTH. I’ve got this word on my screensaver, my phone background, written in my journal, on my vision board- and other random places around my home and office. Anytime I see this word it’s just a small nudge to keep pushing through, that any type of resistance is an opportunity for growth.

I would love to hear your word of the year and your reasoning behind it!