Gameday bracelets

It’s almost time to show your school pride! I have been working extra long hours getting gameday bracelets ready for the football season. I can customize any color combination to match your team colors. 

These are my most popular item and they are only $12 each! 

Wholesale orders are availabe for 25 pieces or more. Contact me for more details!


Edmond North bracelets

Edmond Santa Fe


Life Altering News

I’ve been extremely lucky in my 33 years on this earth to have not been on the receiving end of any life-altering, devastating news that directly affects me or my family. This week that changed. 

My dad, who is one of my favorite people in the world, my fishing buddy and my 8 year olds idol-was diagnosed with colon cancer. 

My mom had cancer when I was in high school and I didn’t realize the magnitude of the word then. Now I do. 

My dad has been through more physically in the last couple of years than many people go through in a lifetime. 2 shoulder surgeries, complete knee replacement, a major neck surgery less than 6 months ago, which he was just now beginning to heal from-now this. My dad is tough, but can someone continue to be tough after all of that? 

I am hurting thinking about having to tell my son that his Brapaw is sick. Part of me wants to keep it from him so he doesn’t have to worry, but part of me wants to prepare him for the reality of the cruel, unfair world. 

Please pray for my Dad and also my Mom. They have been through many health scares in their nearly 40 years of marriage, and I’m certain they will make it through this one. 

Stay tough, John Bob!

Favorite spaces, part II

Less than a year ago I started a small side business. I never dreamed that it would grow as quickly as it did. I started on my dining room table and quickly out grew that area-plus my husband didn’t like looking at beads all over the place.

I slowly began to transition one of our spare bedrooms into my office. Here is a picture of it in the beginning:

office/craft room (before)

It was better than the dining room, but I didn’t love it. I slowly started feng-shuiing the office. The most important feng shui principal for an office to make sure your desk is in the “power position” or facing the entrance. It made total sense-why would you want to face the wall!? I tried so many variations with that table to move it away from the wall, but nothing worked. I found a “L” desk on Amazon that would work much better for my space.

My son, Jaxon, helping with orders

It was starting to come together- I loved being in my office/craft room and the space functioned and flowed much better. I’m still tweaking and changing things in the space one by one-but the big stuff is complete. This picture is my favorite:

Home office

Gold accents are my thing right now. The white desk, chair and printer give my office a modern look that I love.

LexMod Chair: $88, Amazon

Ashley Desk: $183, Amazon

Decorations: Hobby Lobby and Kirklands

That’s all for now!

Sarah B

Feng Shui and My Favorite Spaces

I’ve recently been studying feng shui and applying what I learn to my home. I am sort of a messy person- my house is not filthy, but it doesn’t have organization or order most of the time, and it stresses me out. My husband, on the other hand-is OCD and a neat freak. It’s been a struggle for us to adapt to living with someone who is polar opposite in regards to house keeping.

Last week I made a change- he mentioned the corner of our room-where I had a pile of things stacked up for some time..(when I think about it, it was probably there for over a year…) I felt a little embarrassed and took care of it almost immediately. I didn’t stop at that corner- I moved from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the closets and so on.. My husband came home and was SO HAPPY! Which in turn, made me happy. I am falling in love with re-creating spaces in my house and applying feng shui techniques each day.

Today I am going to share my bedroom, it is definitely a work in progress-We are searching for new bedroom furniture, but have yet to fall in love with a perfect set- so I will continue looking until I find it. Until then, I will work with what I have.

In feng shui-the far back, right corner of your home is considered the love and relationship corner of your home on the baqua map. Our bedroom happens to be in that corner. Based on the principles of feng shui, when improvements are made to the relationships and love corner of your area, you can find love that you may have never previously known or can rekindle or increase love that you have. My husband and I have an excellent relationship and seeing him happy about the order and flow of our “love corner” creates a much more joyous relationship.

Try it! Even if you don’t believe in feng shui, it’s always nice to move things around, de-clutter and redecorate!

That’s all for now!

Sarah B

Thank You, Russell Westbrook

I’m not a sports buff- I couldn’t tell you a single stat about a team or a player. I never even liked Professional basketball until I moved to OKC. My husband took me to my first Thunder game when we were dating and I was hooked. I wasn’t hooked on the sport or the stardom of the NBA players- I was hooked on the colossal event that that I experienced on a random Tuesday night. 
In my opinion, Russell Westbrook is one of the main reasons that random nights at the Peak’ are extraordinary. The energy he brings to the court is nothing short of spectacular. 

My favorite player has always been Russ. Other than being uber talented, he is scrappy, emotional, raw and full of passion for his sport and his team. He’s serious when he needs to be, but shows a goofy, playful side that his fans adore. Plus his dance moves are pretty bad a**.
Oklahoma was upset when KD announced he was leaving- I felt the same at first, but then realized- we’re not losing our best player. We still have Russ. We would still have the most passionate, aggressive player on OUR team, if he chooses to stay.
Today he made a $85 million choice that is sparking pure joy and excitement from Okies who have been suffering from KD depression for over a month now. 
Thank you for choosing OKC, Russ. Thanks for keeping your talent and passion (and fashion) in Oklahoma. Hopefully this will be your best year yet. You deserve to be the star of the show and I can’t wait to see you lead our team! 


Sarah B

My Mother’s Christmas Present Might Kill Me…

The gift that I will be giving my mother for Christmas this year might just do me in… But it will be worth it to see the reaction on her face.  

I’m giving her an invitation to my College Graduation.  

She has no idea that I am even going back to school-and it is SUPER DUPER hard to keep that a secret, since I share almost everything with my Mom.  

My parents paid for me to go to college right after high school-But I was one of those kids who had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life (still don’t).  So, of course- I thought that making $10/hour in a business office was much more rewarding than going to College to finish my Degree at that time.  I also have 2 siblings who have attempted college, but have not attained a degree.  I am almost positive these words will be uttered when she opens her gift: “Out of all my kids… I never would have thought that YOU were the one who would get a college degree”…. And I’m okay with that.  I never thought I would get one either.  I have been very lucky in my sales career over the past several years, earning a higher income than most of my colleagues that have degrees.  I never thought I needed one… Until I got turned down for my dream job-due to lack of degree.  

I have started the process of going back to school several times over the last 10 years, but it was always the same… I would complete a semester-then lose interest.  Start again, only to burn out.  This time is different.  I am within 20 hours of graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership, and I can’t be more thrilled about that.  I sit behind my computer and look at my degree plan several times a week and get chills just imagining what it will feel like to FINALLY be finished-and to tell my Mom.  

The reason this might kill me- I work full time, I’m a Mom AND I have a side business.  This fall is going to be very hard-I will be taking 18 hours-in order to graduate in Spring of 2017. 

My Mother’s famous words: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got…. I remind myself that every single night that I am up at midnight studying or doing homework instead of sleeping or watching movies with my kiddo or Husband.  The hard work will definitely pay off in 4 months and I can’t wait!

That’s all!

Sarah B


Keep Your Drama Over There

As I’m enjoying a quiet Sunday morning at the lake with my husband, I receive a blocked call on my business cellphone. I answer, thinking it was a business call since I am “on call” this weekend. They hang up. A few moments later my phone rings again. A lady comes on the line asking why I called her husband on Friday and wants to know why he has my number blocked. She told me who her husband was and where he worked. Shocked, I replied “umm… It was for buisiness” and she hung up. Moments later, I received this text: 

Someone has some trust issues…

LUCKILY I don’t own any drama of my own and my husband was able to sit beside me, not questioning​ whether or not​ I had done something inappropriate and laugh at what had just transpired. 

Part of me wants to laugh, part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to call this girl back and try to explain to her that relationships don’t have to be that complicated. 

I work in a mans world, 95% of the customers I deal with on a daily basis are men. Is it easy? No. It’s friggin hard. It’s hard going into a business or on a jobsite where I get cat-called, judged or simply underestimated because I am a female. Its hard working in an industry where I’m viewed as less competent. It’s hard knowing whether or not a customer is going to think I am flirting with him or simply being friendly. It’s hard pulling up to a construction site and not wanting to get out of my truck because I would rather not be hit on or looked at inappropriately.

The pleasant experiences I have had outweigh the unpleasant, and there are tons of respectful gentlemen that I get the pleasure of doing business with every single day. But the few bad apples that are thrown in the mix, including this insecure wife-makes me dread going to work some days. 

Men: I don’t want you. I want to do business with you. I want to be able to sell my company’s services to you and not have my intentions questioned. I don’t want our conversation to cross the professional line. I don’t want you to mistake my outgoing friendliness for flirting. 

Women: I don’t want your man. I have my own. I have my own family and it is really, really great. I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability, and that includes calling on your husbands and boyfriends. Your support would be appreciated, my job is challenging enough. 

To the woman I received this text message from: I called your husband because he is working on a project that I am heavily involved in. I got his number from his work colleague because I had a business question, our conversation lasted less that 30 seconds and it was over. Why he blocked my phone number is not because of me, it’s because of him. He has something to hide, not me. And you aren’t insulting me or hurting my feelings by telling me he said I was “f*ing weird”. I’m not. I will not respond to your text message-not because I have something to hide, but because I don’t have time for your drama. I contacted your husband for one reason, and one reason only: business. 

Why would you want to live your life with jealousy, uncertainly and insecurity? My heart aches for you because that can not be a pleasant way to live life. Life is supposed to be fun, invigorating and fulfilling. Mine is-and I intend to keep it that way. Next time you need to question your husbands phone calls-question him, not the person on the other side of that phone number.

encourage other women, women in business, women working in a mans field

THIS!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

That’s all, 

Sarah B

Lipsense Review

Lipsense is becoming a craze in Oklahoma-and for a good reason! This is a product that I use DAILY and I do not leave home without it. 

Yes, I am a lipsense distributor- I originally signed up so I could get the supplier discount-but I tell everyone about it-and it sells itself! 

Background: LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! Create your own color palette by combining shades.

That is NO LIE!! Here is what I carry with me daily-you never know which color you might need!

lipsense, okc, lipsense distributor, lipsense addict

In my purse, everyday!

Here is a quick video:
(Yes, I used snapchat’s Magic filter because my makeup looked horrible!)​
If you have any questions, would like to purchase lipsense, or sign up to be a distributor shoot me an email and I promise you’ll fall in love!!